Cala Escorxada

Cala Escorxada is 8km from Migjorn Gran, between the Sant Antoni and de s’Avi points. It is part of the Natural Area of Special Interest which goes from Cala Mitjana to Binigaus. This section of the coast belongs to the village of es Migjorn Gran, with cliffs of up to 40m over the sea and beautiful remote coves. The stream Torrent de sa Torre runs into the back of the beach, which is generally quiet and has fine white sand and clear water. There are cliffs on both sides covered with pine-trees that come right down to the shore. The wind is from the south-east/south/south-west. Generally this is a good spot to moor boats, but if the wind gets up it can get very choppy.

Access by road is to Cala Mitjana, just follow the signs. From this point there is a footpath which takes you to Cala Trebalúger. It takes another 40 minutes to get to Cala Fustam and 10 more to Cala Escorxada. A lot of people try to get there by boat.