Binibèquer Nou

  • Public transport
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Lounger/hammock service

Binibeca Nou is 6km from Sant Lluís, between the point of Binibeca and Cala Torret, with an urbanization called Binibeca or Binibéquer (very popular with tourists because of its appealing complex that looks like a fishing-village, by the architect Antoni Sintes). From the shore you can see the reed Escull Illots de Binibeca. The beach is quite large and edged with low-lying rocks. At the back there is a dune system and pine-trees and shrubs. It faces east/south-east and has fine white sand and crystal-clear water. It has a gentle incline and the bottom is sandy with some weeds close to the rocks. Binibeca is very popular with locals and tourists. This is an excellent spot for scuba-diving. Boaters should be aware of the dangerous and partially-submerged reef Llosa d’en Caragol between Binibeca and Biniancolla, 4 hectometers from the coast. It is clearly marked with buoys and a light.

Access by road is easy and well marked. There is free parking and a bus-service during the summer.

Please obey all safety instructions and keep an eye on the flags. Red means danger and no entering the water. Yellow means that you can swim but with caution. Green means that it is safe to swim. Orange means that there is normally a lifeguard but that he is not present. Enjoy, but it is important that you use your common sense at all times and do not take unnecessary risks. Domestic pets and animals are not allowed on the beach