Sa Caleta

  • Public transport
  • Toilet
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Litter bin
  • Lounger/hammock service

Caleta d’en Gorries or sa Caleta is 2km from Ciutadella, between the watchtower Torre des Castellar from the XVIII century (and from where there are wonderful panoramic views), and Cala Santandria. This bay is to the right of the entrance into Cala Santandria (north/north-west), and the name caleta is a diminutive of the larger ‘cala’, or bay. There are houses on the rocks over the bay, The beach is small and sandy with low-lying rock and vegetation and faces south-west/west. With water that is calm and clear with a gentle incline, this is very popular with locals and tourists. It is ideal for mooring small boats only. Larger craft should head for the neighbouring Cala Santandria (2 hectometers wide and 7 long and 3,5 nautical miles from Cap d’Artrutx, where it is very sheltered although there are currents from the west.

Access by road is easy and well marked. There is free parking and a bus service from Ciutadella.

Please obey all safety instructions and keep an eye on the flags. Red means danger and no entering the water. Yellow means that you can swim but with caution. Green means that it is safe to swim. Orange means that there is normally a lifeguard but that he is not present. Enjoy, but it is important that you use your common sense at all times and do not take unnecessary risks. Domestic pets and animals are not allowed on the beach.