Platja de Macarelleta is 14 km from Ciutadella, between es Castellet de Macarella and Cala Macarella. Its name is the diminutive of the larger beach. This beautiful and remote beach is to the east of Cala Macarella, at the end of another small inlet. It is flanked by tall cliffs dotted with pine trees and is part of Natural Area of Special Interest of the southern coast of Ciutadella.

The scenery is typical of the coastline. The rocks on the coast rise up to form rugged and inaccessible cliffs that overlook beautiful beaches and sheltered coves. Streams run down the valleys and flow into the sea. This beach has fine white sand and clear calm water. It faces east/south-east and is relatively quiet. Mooring boats here is fine, it is actually safer than Cala Macarella where there are currents. There are marker buoys to show you where to moor, the east side has a depth of 4m and the west has a sandy bottom.

Access by road is easy and well marked as far as Cala Macarella, from there the footpath is about 1.45km.

Please obey all safety instructions and keep an eye on the flags. Red means danger and no entering the water. Yellow means that you can swim but with caution. Green means that it is safe to swim. Orange means that there is normally a lifeguard but that he is not present. Enjoy, but it is important that you use your common sense at all times and do not take unnecessary risks. Domestic pets and animals are not allowed on the beach