Sant Tomàs

  • Public transport
  • Toilet
  • Water sports area
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Showers

Sant Tomàs or Platja de Sant Tomàs is 5km from es Migjorn Gran, between Punta Negra which leads round to Platja de Binicordell and Punta Atàlitx,. The urbanization behind has the same name, and many of the houses and hotels are very close to the shore. Others are dotted on the hillside where you will also see cultivated fields.

This a wide open bay with a beach of pale sand with clear calm water and light winds from the south-east/south/south-west. To the east there is a headland with pine-trees very close to the water. It is not advisable to moor boats here as it is very exposed and the water is shallow. There are several reefs offshore – Escull d’en Salat, of no more than 3m depth and to the west the islet Illot de Binicodrell, which borders the nearby beaches of Binigaus and Binicodrell. These two beaches can only be accessed in good weather by small craft or rowing-boats Access by road is easy and well marked. There is free parking and a bus service in the summer.