Cala Pregonda is 10 km from Mercadal, between Platja de Binimel·là and Cap de s’Alairó. There are two small islands facing the beach, Illot and Esculls de Pregonda (habitat to the rare Audouin seagull). It is considered to be one of the finest and quietest beaches on the rugged north coast of Menorca.

The bay is horseshoe-shaped and the magnificent sandy beach has an interesting dune system at the back, with ridges that run in the same direction as the wind. The beach itself is 170 meters long with stunning cliffs to the west which are part of the Natural Area of Special Interest.

Boats can moor here but owners should be careful of reefs which make the entrance tricky. There are also quite strong northern currents, but the draft is an average of 3 meters with turquoise-blue water. Access by land is not easy. Visitors can walk along the coastal path from Platja de Binimel·là. which takes about 20 minutes.

Please obey all safety instructions and keep an eye on the flags.
Red means danger and no entering the water.
Yellow means that you can swim but with caution.
Green means that it is safe to swim.
Orange means that there is normally a lifeguard but that he is not present.
Enjoy, but it is important that you use your common sense at all times and do not take unnecessary risks.
Domestic pets and animals are not allowed on the beach.