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The La Vall and Algaiarens beaches are about 11 km from Ciutadella, and their real names are Es Bot and Es Tancats.

The coastline here is part of the stunning scenery of la Vall, which includes the hillside called Falconera (the cliff-face is 207 meters high), woods, lowlands, cultivated land, lakes, dune systems, spectacular gorges and unspoiled beaches.

This area on Menorca’s north coast has been designated as an Area of Special Protection for Birds by the EU and a Natural Area of Special Interest by the Balearic Parliament.

Algairens’ isolated sea-entrance is large and rectangular in shape, with sloping sand and dense vegetation close to the water. The wind direction is north-east/north/north-west and generally there is a light breeze with calm water and a gentle drop.

The bay is perfect to moor boats in, but watch out for breaking waves by the shore. It is sheltered and deep enough. However, we do recommend that you aim to sail on Menorca’s north coast when it’s calm, as it’s difficult to find shelter when the tramontana wind gets up.

Access by road is clearly marked.