Na Macaret

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Na Macaret is a charming little beach in the actual village of the same name with old fishing-huts and houses set right on the water. It is between Cala Molí and the point of Nous Corns (which has a lookout area with panoramic views). It is part of the Port d’Addaia, 12 km from Alaior and 17 km from Mercadal, and has always been a great favourite of both of these towns’ inhabitants.

The beach is in a small horseshoe bay, sandy and very sheltered. It is surrounded by summer-houses set over the quay and on the hillside.
The Point of sa Torre faces Na Macaret, where there is an old defence-tower. It has an octagonal base, is 8 meters high with three stories and a firing platform on the upper level.

Port d’Addaia is a perfect place for mooring boats all the year round, it is a deep and sheltered inlet. However, there are several dangerous rocky reefs (Illa Petita d’Addaia, Illa Gran d’Addaia, Illa de ses Àguiles, Illes Carbó) and barely submerged rocks (Seca d’Enmig), so it essential to follow the marker-buoys and preferably arrive in daylight.
This beach is popular with locals and some tourists, but never too busy.