Platja de Binimel·là is 10 km from Mercadal, between Punta d’en Bal·la and Illot, Cala y Esculls de Pregonda. It isnot advisable for boats to moor in this area. Being so close to Mercadal makes it tempting to stop for a snack or meal as the town is famous for its gastronomy, and also visit the highest mountain on the island el Toro (358 metersd). It is 3,5 km from the town and the geographic centre of Menorca. At the summit there is the Santuari de la Verge del Toro, who is the patrón saint of the island. There are amazing panoramic views of all of Menorca. The bay of Binimel-la is huge, and all the back of it consists of a dune system, some hillocks with bushes and a marsh with a natural stream running through it to the beach. The beach is pebbly and faces north-east with light winds and moderate waves. It is part of the Natural Area of Special Interest and although quite easy to get to remains unspoiled

Access by road is easy, just follow the signs but the last section is not surfaced and you will see small farms known as ‘llocs’ nestled in the landscape. You can park by the beach. It is popular with both locals and tourists.

Please obey all safety instructions and keep an eye on the flags. Red means danger and no entering the water. Yellow means that you can swim but with caution. Green means that it is safe to swim. Orange means that there is normally a lifeguard but that he is not present.

Enjoy, but it is important that you use your common sense at all times and do not take unnecessary risks. Domestic pets and animals are not allowed on the beach.